The 24 Best Marijuana Memes

marijuana memes

We know that memes can express a lot of feelings and situations which some of us understand perfectly and have gone through them. Either stoned or sober, these memes will sure make you laugh or at least have a good time while scrolling down the page.

1. Transformation

marijuana memes

2. Enlightenment

marijuana memes

3. Feeling invincible

marijuana memes

4. Tragic Cross

marijuana memes

5. We’ve all been there

6. That look of disappointment

marijuana memes

7. Is that your final answer?

marijuana memes

8. Dry Mouth

marijuana memes

9. Pretending everything is normal

10. An awkward meal

marijuana memes

11. Looking good

12. Need a bigger screen

13. Forgetting your age

marijuana memes

14. Always trust your dad

marijuana memes

15. Spending wisely

marijuana memes

16. The dangers of marijuana

17. Look on the bright side

18. Do not try at home

19. Suspicious

20. Marijuana Reactions

21. May the bong be with you

22. Role Model

23. Former Smoker

24. Anti-marijuana ad

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