4 Vape Pens that will Change How You Vape Your Waxes and Weeds

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With so many vape pens out there on the market, it’s hard to know which one is right for you! These vape pens will change the way you vape your waxes, oils, and weeds forever.

Hey you! It’s time to put down the bong and try vaporizing your cannabis. If you haven’t tried this alternative to smoking yet, you are definitely missing out. Vaporizing your dry herb and concentrates is one of the much healthier ways to consume your cannabis. Vaping is big with recreational and medical marijuana users, young and old, new and experienced users alike. One of my favorite styles of vaping device is of course, the vape pen.

Why People Adore Vape Pens

A vaporizer pen, colloquially referred to as a vape pen, is the smallest type of vape. It is very similar stylistically to an electronic cigarette or e-cigarette. This style of vaporizer typically is powered with a lithium ion battery, a small metal or ceramic heating element, and in some cases a cartridge for vape juice. Despite their small stature, these smoking devices can be incredibly powerful. Some of the wax pens that I’ve used are just as powerful as any dab rig. Vape pens are some of the best appliances invented for using cannabis since bongs!

Why do people love these pens so much? It’s mainly because they are incredibly convenient. Vape pens are characteristically long and slim, which makes them perfect for unobtrusively stashing in your pocket or purse. Any one of these vaporizer pens will revolutionize the way you use a vape pen for your weeds and waxes.

Persei Vaporizer Portable Concentrate & Essential Oil Pen

The Persei Portable Concentrate and Essential Oil Pen is the ultimate accessory for enjoying your favorite cannabis oils and waxes. The Persei is made from state-of-the-art aircraft grade aluminum, making it nearly indestructible. The pen features a Grade 2 titanium KISS cartridge. This cartridge contains titanium heating wires and ceramic wicks for easy loading, no clogging and no leaking. The Persei can be used with a wide variety of extracts, oils, concentrates and waxes. This vape pen always delivers on its premise.

KandyPens Gravity Vaporizer

Top manufacturer of oil and other concentrate pens KandyPens reached new heights with this wax pen. The pen uses ceramic heating to exquisitely heat your choice in fine waxes and shatters. The Gravity comes with a coil-less atomizer with a non combustion chamber and ceramic dish, as well as a second quartz crystal chamber atomizer with dual quartz rods and titanium coils. The coils are able to burn at a much lower temperature, resulting in a delicious and clean tasting high.

KandyPens Special K Vaporizer

For the true vaping connoisseur, the KandyPens Special K Vaporizer is truly one of a kind. The body of the pen is conveniently designed to look just like your standard everyday use office pen, with a neat little clip on shell which exactly resembles a pen cap and outer casing of a fine ballpoint pen. This shell is removed to reveal the glass oil tank and ergonomically styled mouthpiece. This sleek little device is perfect for the guy, gal, or enby pal on the go!


The PAX 3 is not what you would exactly consider a vape pen, but this combination dry herb/ oil portable vaporizer is changing the game nonetheless. The PAX 3 takes everything that was great about the PAX 2 and updates it to meet the needs of today’s modern cannabis consumer. The PAX 3 has an improved design including shorter recharge time and an even longer battery life. The leak proof concentrate insert allows you to easily transition from using your favorite strain of dry herbs to your preferred waxes and oils. It’s the easiest vape mod you will ever use!

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Don’t see your favorite vape pen on this list? Tell us what we missed in the comments!

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