9 Best Ways To Come Down From Being High

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come down from being high

I have two words for you.

Too high?

Great! Or not so great, especially if you need to come down and get your head clear because something unanticipated came up.

The high might even be way too intense, and you’re getting anxious and paranoid. Trust me, I’ve been there, and it sucks.

There are a lot of unexpected things that could happen when you get high. If you want to get down from a high fast, all you have to do is read on. We’re here to help!

If life gives you lemons… Eat ‘em!

People usually say “Get that sour expression on your face!”. Well, we want you to put one ON. Pucker up, because lemons have a magic ingredient called terpene.

Terpenes can counteract the psychoactive results of taking THC by creating a relaxing effect. Limonene, to be specific, is a kind of terpene that is packed with calming power and will do the opposite of weed by NOT stimulating you too much. And yes, it’s found in lemons. It isn’t called applene, right?

So how do you get limonene inside you?

Uh, n-no, don’t put it in there. All you have to do is eat lemons! If you aren’t into eating lemons, you can squeeze some of its juice in any of your drinks, like tea or water.

But don’t forget the lemon peel! That’s where most of the limonene is found in, so don’t throw that rind or pulp away. You can zest it into a drink or food, too.

If you’re not into preparing drinks of food, getting down from a THC buzz can be as easy as inhaling. All you need are some great lemon essential oils.

You need a pepper-upper!

Terpenes aren’t just found in lemons. Black pepper contains them too! Unfortunately, they aren’t called pepperenes…

You can counteract your high by consuming pepper. You could eat it straight, or add it to a food or drink. One whiskey on the peppercorn, please! Even chewing a piece of pepper would do you good.

Another thing you can do is smell. I repeat, smell… Don’t snort it into your nose! Get a pinch of ground black pepper and give it a few sniffs to activate the terpenes, just don’t do it in front of other people. You wouldn’t want them thinking you have a pepper addiction.

Get even higher… In CBD!

One pro-tip for coming down from a marijuana high is… By consuming even more weed!

Wait, what? How does increasing your weed intake help you get down from a high?

It might sound ridiculous but it does help, as long as you’re taking a strain that is CBD-rich strain. I repeat, it has to be high in CBD, so don’t pack a bowl of your usual stuff.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a powerful cannabinoid like THC, except that it won’t get you high. It can even counteract the intense cannabis high you’re having!

Try smoking a strain that is known to be high in CBD. There are a lot of choices on the market, from topical patches, CBD extracts, or CBD oils that you can take sublingually to assure that your body can maximize it.

Water you waiting for? Hydrate!

One primary thing in keeping healthy is staying hydrated. This also applies to weed consumption or any other situation that involves getting intoxicated or high. It might not magically get rid of your high, but it will help flush your body of toxins.

Furthermore, if you’re drinking fluids, AVOID ALCOHOL AT ALL COSTS. Drinking alcohol will only make things worse!

Sleep it out!

Getting some zzz’s is like pressing the restart button on your PC. Everything is well-functioning and clear! In this case, what’s gonna be clear is your head after a good nap.

Sleep gives you the chance to rejuvenate, rest, relax, and regain focus. Doesn’t that sound so much better? All you need is ten to fifteen minutes of sleep for you to feel recharged and back to earth.

These boots were made for walking…

That’s just what you should do, and we’ll tell you why!

I know you feel like sinking into your sofa right now, but that won’t be any help! What you need to do is get up and get walking! Get some fresh air and do something physical, because it’s another great way to clear your head.

The effect might not be instantaneous, but when it comes to getting rid of an intense high, there is no quick fix. This method will help you reduce your THC buzz though.

Let’s get wet!

It’s like the ice bucket challenge, but a little less extreme!

Cold water will give your system a nice good old shock. Remember how refreshed you feel after a nice cold shower? That feeling could help you get out of your high.

If you aren’t feeling like Elsa and the cold bothers you, don’t worry because you can opt for a warm shower. It will help you feel more relaxed if the high is making you feel too anxious or agitated for your comfort.

Get caffeinated.

This technique can be good news for all those coffee lovers out there. You can prepare a nice strong cup of coffee that can give you the pick-me-up you need to get you out of that high. You’ll be more energetic, alert, and clear-headed in no time.

One Last Hit

Don’t be bummed if you try a solution and it doesn’t work, or if it doesn’t help you come down right away. Again, these solutions aren’t a magic wand you can wave to feel sober again.

All of them are good starters for you to figure out how to get down. All you need is a little experimentation to find out which ones (or more than one) works best for you!

You also need to understand what kind of high you’re having. If you feel like there is way too much going on, or your anxiety and paranoia is acting up, choose a fix that will help you get calm. Alternatively, if your mental lucidity is topsy-turvy or you feel like you’re sinking into your couch, choose a solution that is stimulating.

I hope these solutions have helped. If you know any more, feel free to leave a comment!

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