Demystifying The Mystery That Is Industrial Hemp Biomass

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Industrial Hemp Biomass

If you know anything about hemp, you would agree that it is an excellent industrial crop with myriad applications. From medical to beauty, to being a source of energy; the implications are several. CBD-rich hemp crop is used for making CBD products like distillates, crude oil, isolates, tincture, creams, lotions, and much more.

For years, farmers didn’t have favorable conditions for cultivating and growing hemp. But, thanks to the Farm Bill 2018 – the market for industrial hemp is going through exponential growth with a speedy increase in demand for industrial hemp farms. That means the opportunities for farmers or those who want to invest in CBD and hemp business are in abundance right now.

Let’s start off by understanding the basic terms that confuse many people. If you visit any hemp farming or wholesale hemp product selling website, you are bound to come across terms like THC, CBD, terpenes, hemp seed oil, just to name a few. It’s essential to first establish our knowledge of these terms to fully understand what hemp biomass is and what applications it can be used for.


Hemp is one of the species of Cannabis Sativa which happens to be naturally high in CBD cannabinoid. In terms of appearance, it may look a lot like marijuana but is significantly different if you compare their genetic make-up. The thing that separates the two is the amount of THC found in them. While marijuana is rich in THC (the compound that produces ‘high’), hemp has almost negligible levels of THC. Meaning, there’s no way you will get any psychoactive effects from hemp or hemp products.


These are the aromatic oils that give cannabis distinctive smell and flavors such as mint, pine, citrus, and berry just to name a few.

Hemp Biomass

To better understand it in terms of a layman, biomass means any material coming from plants or animal that is considered ‘waste’ because it’s not edible by humans or animals.

Once the hemp flower, stalk, and the bud has been processed and products have been extracted from it, the remaining material that is left behind is called ‘hemp biomass’. And, while by definition it may be considered waste, it actually has myriad lucrative industrial applications including its use as a source of energy fuel.

CBD Hemp Biomass Applications

Hemp Biomass is an excellent choice when it comes to being a source of energy. That’s because of the organic nature of the material which also happens to be renewable. Anyone who is passionate about saving the planet and the whole ‘green movement’ would favor wide-scale applications of hemp biomass.

Hemp is a crop that grows super fast. You can expect it to mature as quickly as within four months. It’s a low maintenance crop that doesn’t require pesticides. Moreover, it’s able to endure almost all kinds of climatic conditions. That means it has incredible potential for acting as a continuous source of enormous energy. Hemp fuel can be used as liquid biofuels and biogas.

Hemp biomass is made to go through decomposition, an extraction process which separates the fuel from biomass. Once the waste has been processed, the resulting material left behind is carbon nonmaterial. This material is used to power batteries and super-capacitors.

Basically, all the features of hemp biomass make it an excellent sustainable alternative for turning into fuel.

Venturing Into The Business of Hemp Biomass

If there was ever a good time to invest in the hemp business, it’s right now. You can invest in the business of selling and distribution of wholesale CBD hemp biomass with a guaranteed high return on investment. As we know, the demand for CBD hemp extracts and biomass is extremely high right now. All you need is a good business plan.

The good thing is, you have countless options.

That means you can expand your horizons and go any way you like. For one thing, you can open your own laboratory where you can extract crude CBD oil, concentrates and isolates from biomass and create finished products. For that, you will have to contact a supplier to procure bulk hemp biomass from. Another option is to become a CBD product reseller where you open up a store, list all your products, bring in leads and clients, and trade biomass for money.

You can explore all these options confidently without facing legal ramifications or any difficulty in securing loans.

Final thoughts

Considering the enormous potential that hemp and hemp biomass carries, it won’t be wrong to tout hemp as a super crop for all the endless applications it carries without harming the environment. CBD health benefits are huge.

Seeing how the world is facing grave environmental degradation made worse by cutting down of trees, hemp biomass sure provides a safe and organic source of energy all the while remaining a sustainable source of income for people around the globe.


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