Ghana Plans to Ban Vapes Soon Understanding its Bad Effects on Kids

ghana bans vapes

E-cigarettes and Seesha are popular among the youth of Ghana. These addictive and harmful substances can cause cancers or other deadly ailments. From a recent report, it is understood that Sheesha is far more harmful to health then e-cigarettes. It suggests that smoking a puff of seesha is equivalent to smoking an entire cigarette. From such statistics, it is revealed that smoking sheesha amounts to inhaling 200 times the amount of smoke released by a cigarette. This data is enough to shake the Ghanaian health authorities as they are now contemplating to impose restrictions or even ban intoxicating substances, e-cigarettes as well as sees. Many African countries have earlier put a ban on the use of sheesha and e-cigarettes. Countries like Tanzania, Rwanda, and Kenya have already imposed restrictions on the use of the harmful substances. Ghana also intends to impose a vaping ban. Here you can visit to find vapeshops in CA and US.

Ghana to Ban e-Cigarettes from June 2018

In this context, it is notable to say that vaping is popular in Europe. It is the primary substitute of tobacco. However, vaping is not so popular in Ghana. Ghana is justified in its approach to vaping as scientific studies on the item demonstrating its benefits have not been convincing. To facilitate the imposition of the law, authorities in Ghana are planning to control the country’s borders. From a report, it is understood that imports of sheesha or e-cigarettes will be considered illegal in Ghana from June 2018.

WHOs’ Recommendation for e-Cigarette Ban

Shocking reports suggest that more and more Ghana’s educated youth are taking to intoxicants, hookahs sees as well as electronic cigarettes. Other reports suggest that among Ghanaian men who are aged 15 or above, more than 13% smoke daily. Only 0.17% of kids between 10 and 14 are regular smokers. Among girls and women, the rates are even low with 0.4 and 0.21% smoking on a regular basis. The ban on tobacco came in response to the requests made by international agencies like the WHO (World Health Organizations). Vaping laws are permissive in Ghana and the rest of Africa. Very soon such laws are bound to become restrictive. Many volunteers are working and funding governments in African subcontinent to ban tobacco impose restrictions on the use of hazardous substances like Seesha and electronic cigarettes. Organizations like WHO are in favor of stricter vaping laws in Ghana.

Seesha Dangerous Than Cigarettes

It is a known fact that as of the day Ghana is a constitutional democracy. The country has a huge amount of natural resources. The population of the country is roughly 29 million. Ghana’s willingness to impose restrictions on the intoxicants, e-cigarettes, and Seesha is a welcome gesture for the international community. People in Ghana have started to realize that Seesha and other related substances are dangerous to their health. Seesha is known to contain the similar chemicals as is found in toxic smoke. However, seesha smokers are at higher risks of suffering the type of diseases as is caused by cigarette smoking. A report suggests that it contains tar, nicotine, heavy metals (arsenic, lead) and carbon monoxide. Smoking it can cause cancers or heart ailments.

Many in Ghana Support Banning Vapes

For those in Ghana who somehow got addicted to these harmful intoxicants, it is bad news as they won’t be able to smoke vape or related substances openly as they will be illegal in Ghana. If the government of Ghana puts on tough restrictions and enforce them then it will be hard for Ghanaian vapers to smoke e-cigarettes in the private or public. Many in Ghana support the cause as they believe that they are quite harmful to health and banning them is the only solution. They argued that as of the day the many people in Ghana are addicted to tobacco, e-cigarettes, and hookahs. Though there are no immediate restrictions on the use of tobacco and the people in the country can consume it, it is important to understand that tobacco too is harmful and damaging to health.

As far as the hookahs and e-cigarettes are concerned, observations reveal that more and more young people are consuming them. This is damaging their health as well as the country’s future. Understanding the consequences of different deadly intoxicants the government of Ghana has decided to put restrictions on their use. The Government feels that by doing so it can prevent the kids from falling prey to these addictive substances. The Government is trying its best to protect the future of the country. WHOs’ advice has helped the country decide on the ban of substances like sheesha from June 2018.With this Ghana will join a club of nations like Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania.  Though this is a bad news for the vaping enthusiast but has its ability to bring a welcome change for the world. However, if you still want to indulge in vaping and get superior accessories, visit



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