How Long Does THC And Cannabis Lasts In The Body

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How Long THC cannabis body

Many people wonder how long THC lasts in the body. Sometimes it can be a hindrance to actualizing your dream job. This is clearly because getting that dream job might actually mean passing all the necessary test, let us take for example, you have graduated from school and got a good job but the company policy is that you must test negative to any cannabis test.

You begin to wonder if the last time you took it was far enough for it steer clear off your system. Fear grips you and uncertainly beclouds you but one thing is for sure, you have to take the drug test.

So the best way to kill this anxiety is to know how long THC or cannabis can last in the body system. Well, scientist have proven that 30 days is enough for THC and cannabis to clear off the system but this depends on the usage or consumption taken by the person.

You cannot compare the quantity that will be in the body system of somebody who consumes it every day to a person who just consumed it just for a day despite the 30 days momentary collapse in the body system. It must differ even though both stays for 30 days without consuming cannabis.

Scientist research have also proven that THC, CBD takes longer to purge off the system unlike other recreational drugs, this is because THC and CBD are often reserved in the fat which is slowly released in the body and makes it take longer to be purged off the body system especially for chronic marijuana users.

Ways to detect THC, CBD in the body

There are many ways to detect THC ,CBD in the body. It can be detected through the most popular way urine, blood, hair. When cannabis is consumed, the THC level generally rise in the body and that makes it easier to detect whether it was just a single usage or a chronic user, it will be easier to detect it in the body of the person. Though it drops after few days and that is only if there has been no consumption of THC and CBD.

How long does THC lasts in the body

There is no way to know how long THC can last in the body. Everyone has a unique metabolism that processes THC and it cannot be same with everyone. A fat person have the chance of hiding THC in the fat better than a slim person because the fat person hides the THC in the fat as we explained above.

So as the associate Lecturer John Hopkins University, Ryan Vandrey says ‘there is no way of predicting or knowing how long someone would test positive with any kind of certainty.’ But be rest assured that for some people, it can take only 40 days while for others, it can take just 25 days.

So, how do you get out THC and CBD out of your system?

The sure way of getting THC and CBD out of the body system is by drinking a lot of water which tends to flush out the drugs as dehydration will surely increase the concentration of the urine. If a test is conducted at the moment, it will be positive but if water is taken, it will dilute the urine and make it negative. But in drinking water, one should make sure that the urine is not diluted too much so that it will not cause a repeat of the test.

Another way of exiting THC and CBD from the body is by burning fats.We have mentioned earlier that fats hides a lot of THC and releases it to the body. So, if one hits the gym, it will help burn the fat and THC exits the body same way.

However, it is very important to note that chronic users of THC and CBD should give themselves enough time for it to exit their system. Instead of trying so hard thereby injuring self in the process, it is better that you forfeit whatever it is that you are preparing for and then work towards gathering and recovering self from impending harm.

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