Kandypens Oura

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Kandypens Oura

For such a petite-looking device, the Kandypens Oura delivers a spectacle. This portable, easy to use e-rig is responsible for the thickest vaping vapor you will ever see. Seasoned users think of it as powerful yet the new entrants appreciate it for its simplicity and beauty. Whether you are looking to check off temperature options from your list of preferences, eager to own a stylish vaporizer or looking forward to using a device that does not require a lot of time to heat up, the Kandypens Oura offers a ton of goodness that will make you to fall in love with it over and over again. Not only is this for high-end use, but the vaporizer also comes in different choice materials to suit every preference.

Notable design features

The first thing you will notice about the Kandypens Oura is its bulbous shape. This facilitates effective cleaning of the device while at the same time ensuring the users have a tight grip in a single hand. Did you that shape of the vaporizer is instrumental to keeping the airflow within it low? The design of most extract vaporizers in the market is rather predictable and users are getting used to it. There is no doubt that the Kandypens Oura follows suit but the manufacturers put in some interesting aspect to set it apart;

  • The bell shape – no other rig in the market can put claim to a similar shape. The heating coil goes to the bottom where it is attached at the front and the atomizer is able to slip easily whether it is entering or exiting. The coil and the carb cap are attached using a tether that holds the coil during refills.
  • Touch sensor – most vaporizers use press buttons for controls but the Kandypens Oura use a sensor-controlled by hand. From experience, devices that use this technology start to display signs of lacking feedback after some period of use. If this is a point for valid concern but the manufacturers of the Kandypens Oura have a counter for it. All around the base of the vape device is an LED light that illuminates different colors. Each of these colors indicates a separate temperature setting. Haptic feedback on this device ensures that operating and using it is rather simple.
  • Build quality – as will many other dab rigs that are portable, the Kandypens Oura can be held in and carried around in one hand. You might not be able to take it out with you wherever you go but you are sure that you can move around as you use it. The wide base offers impressive stability on any surface so bumps cannot topple it over. Since the base is made from zinc-alloy, it sits solidly wherever it is placed down.
  • KandyPens Oura Heating Coil – this vaporizer features a sesh mode which allows the device to heat continuously for a full minute. This is not fixed though as the user is able to switch between temperatures to their liking while the mode is running.
  • Auto shutoff – this feature switches off the Kandypens Oura after 4 minutes of being inactive. If you are constantly multi-tasking and forget to switch off your vape, this feature will not only help to preserve battery life but it will also prevent wastage of your herb.

Kandypens OuraHow to use the Kandypens Oura

When assembling the vaporizer, ensure that the air vent located at the base and the bubbler’s intake hole have been aligned.

  • Step 1: attach the bubble carefully to the base.
  • Step 2: cover the intake holes then pour some water into the bubbler.
  • Step 3: pick an atomizer of your choice and place it in the heating coil
  • Step 4: pit the carb cap in place and secure by tethering around the coil.
  • Step 5: switch on the device by taping 5 times on the touch sensor. If you are particular about using the sesh mode, tap on it twice.
  • Step 6: to pick from one of the preset temperatures, tap on the sensor thrice. Now tap on the sensor twice and heating will start.
  • Step 7: to start vaping, place a dab of wax in the atomizer and replace the cover over it. Draw in the vapor through the bubbler.

Overall performance and quality of vapor

The four preset temperature options of the KandyPens Oura are great for hooking those who like thick clouds to be part of their vaping experience. If you are keen on flavor, the ceramic bowl has been incorporated into the device just for you. Ceramic is inert in nature and this means that external flavors have no chance of interfering with the quality of draws. If the quartz atomizer is used without the ceramic bowl, most experienced users will detect that something is missing.

Would you like to replace the quartz with ceramic or vice versa? Simply unscrew the atomizer from position and screw in what you prefer.

Battery performance

The KandyPens Oura features a 3000mAh battery to ensure that users get a uniform performance throughout. This powerful battery is also responsible for the thick clouds of vapor that the KandyPens Oura is now very famous for. In session mode where a large group or party is drawing from a single device, the KandyPens Oura is able to deliver. The highest temperature setting on the vape device is achieved in less than 20 seconds and that is how soon you can get the party started.

It is amazing how such a powerful battery will leave you disappointed if you expect it to charge for a long time. Assume that you just unboxed the Oura and it was completely empty of charge. It will only require an hour to fill up on charge.


Haze Smoke Shop reviewed Kandypens Oura and suggested that if you have been looking for an opportunity to board the portable e-rig train, the perfect chance is just presented with the KandyPens Oura. This vape device deserves a chance for its powerhouse of a battery, atomizer options and wide choice of temperature settings. Furthermore, there are multiple colors to choose from so it is bound to match your vibe.

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