Lowell Farms Builds the First Legal Cannabis Café and Restaurant in the US

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Specializing in natural farm-to-consumer products earned Lowell Farms, a California-based organic cannabis farm, a reputation of high quality products. While cannabis plants are robust and resourceful, they need nutrients just like any other plant. The farm uses only organic fertilizer and all-natural materials to bring you the best cannabis products on the market – and in sustainable packaging, too!

By using only organic fertilizer without the use of any pesticides, they nurture the balance of improving the growing medium – whether that be soil or some other sort – and growing higher-quality flower. Organic fertilizers increase the flavor profile as well as increase the yield of flower. It is also a more sustainable approach because these fertilizers are available in renewable resources and will continue working year after year.

Lowell Farms offers a wide variety of weed products. The products are even used and trusted by several celebrities, including Usher, Bella Thorne, and Lil Wayne.

However indecisive you can be, Lowell has something to fit your needs. In addition to California’s best-selling preroll, they also offer farm-fresh flower and cold-pressed cannabis oil.

The First Legal Cannabis Café and Restaurant in the US

Taking their quality products and community involvement a step further, Lowell Farms is now opening the first legal cannabis café and Restaurant in the United States. The café will be open in West Hollywood and offers the opportunity for you to legally consume cannabis and eat prepared food in a social setting for the first time.

Bringing the space to life meant being conservative in the interpretation of the laws surrounding cannabis consumption. Currently, regulations in California prohibit cannabis consumption lounges to also sell food and beverages. The Lowell team has skirted this issue by operating as two separate businesses. You won’t see much of a difference with this set-up – your only experience will be a stress-free evening with both new and old friends. Among these differences are separate bathroom entrances between the café and the consumption areas and, if you consume both food and cannabis in the space, you will get two bills at the end of the night.

The entire space is set up in three sections, appealing to smokers and non-smokers alike. Of 20,000 square feet, 1,600 is dedicated to a non-smoking area where you can order food and non-alcoholic drinks. The space includes an open garden area of 1,800 sqft where you can smoke, vape, or eat cannabis edibles. Enjoy your experience inside with an area of 2,500 sqft where smoking, vaping, and eating edibles are permitted.

The café is led by famous chef Andrea Drummer. Trained at Le-Cordon Bleu, Drummer has been a host for culinary cannabis events since 2012 and is eager to be at the forefront of this industry. Drummer will create California-inspired farm fresh food served at the cafe, with optional THC and CBD infusions. She has been bringing her expertise to Lowell products with her events and the partnership just seemed like the next step once a café concept became legal in the States.



The café is brought to you by Sean Black and David Elias, the co-founders. They took their focus of growing and providing natural, organic cannabis to then next level to provide a legal social setting for enjoying your experience. Key features of the café such as utensils and tabletops will be made from locally sourced and reclaimed items. The space also has influence from the brothers of LA-based nightclub and restaurant Houston Hospitality, Mark and Jonnie Houston – so future plans for live music performances are in the works. The West Hollywood cannabis consumption license also was awarded to other types of businesses, so the industry will blossom as more creative ways to consume cannabis are crafted.

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