Sleep Apnea Can Be Treated With CBD

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sleep apnea cbd

Surgery for sleep apnea can cost an arm and a leg. Sleep apnea masks, on the other hand, are bulky and look unattractive. Don’t lose hope yet, because sleep apnea can be treated with cannabinoids, as shown in recent research.

Scientists have conducted recent studies on the effects of CBD on sleep apnea. Sleep, a medical journal, published research that showed how synthetic CBD can lower sleep apnea’s symptoms, which are often hazardous.

Sleep Apnea 101

Before we get to the good part, let’s cover the basics of sleep apnea. It is a sleep disorder that affects at least twenty two million citizens of the US. It has different severities, and is fairly common. While sleeping, breathing becomes sporadic. It can be very volatile, and it can even change based on what stage of sleep you are currently undergoing.

Behind your throat, a vacuum is created as your airway narrows due to sleep apnea. Furthermore, your throat muscles loosen up, which makes breathing difficult.

The vacuum found behind your throat can cause people to snore. Sometimes, in the worst cases, your throat will fully close and you won’t be able to breathe.

This can trigger a lot of unwanted ailments like headaches, fatigue, heartburn, diabetes, high blood pressure and strokes. It can even cause inadequate rest, which becomes hazardous to your safety if you are travelling.

The Difficulty of Sleep Apnea Treatment

Treatment for sleep apnea usually make use of mechanical techinques like dental appliances or masks that keep your throat from closing and muscles from relaxing.

Keeping your nose covered, a machine is attached to sleep apnea masks. This allows air movement to your throat’s back. Dental appliances, on the other hand, focus more on the positioning of your jaw, pushing it forwards. You can also get surgery to treat your sleep apnea, but this solution is uncommon.

Surgery can be very expensive, but the other two methods are cumbrous and are do not allow ease of use. Patients either don’t use them correctly or end up disliking them. You don’t even have the option of taking medicines orally. Or do we?

Sleep Apnea vs. Cannabinoids

Because of the research studies recently conducted, scientists may be able to formulate oral medications which are based on CBD to treat sleep apnea.

In the clinical trial, seventy three people suffering from sleep apnea participated. Researchers first checked how severe their sleep apnea was, making sure that the participants only had the muscular type of apnea. The patients’ sleep apnea varied from very severe to fairly moderate cases. The scientists also checked how tired patients were before they started treating.

Thre groups of patients were given the following: pills containing a high of dose CBD, a low dose of CBD, and a placebo. The CBD utilized was dronabinol, a synthetic that has FDA approval. This cannabinoid is currently being used to alleviate loss of appetite in patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Proper experiment methods were used, just like how scientists test other pharmaceuticals. This makes the study the most legitimate one compared to others of the same subject matter.

Spectacular Results

The results of the conducted research proved that CBD can help ease sleep apnea in people. The patients not only suffered from less symptoms, but also did not feel as fatigued as those who took the placebo pills. The patient group that had higher doses of CBD did even better.

It was also shown that CBD could treat even the worst of sleep apnea symptoms. Even during the sleep stage where symptoms are the worst, they were significantly reduced. CBD oil have proven very effective in treating sleep and stress desorders, if you are looking for a CBD product, Australian CBD Oil can come in great help.

Sleep Apnea’s Future

There’s a lot more that needs to be done for the development of CBD oral medication that can treat sleep apnea. The study’s findings might be significant, but more research should definitely be done in the area.Pure CBD Oil in Australia has proved to be very useful.

One good news is that considering dronabinol’s approval by the FDA, it won’t be hard for the cannabinoid to become readily available on the market. With more testing, scientists can develop a medication based on CBD just to treat sleep apnea, which can be a big help for patients.


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