Why Everyone’s Making the Switch: Cannabis and Dr. Dabber’s Switch Vaporizer

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Cannabis consumption is now at its all-time high, thanks to the legalization of cannabis in 30 American states, consumers, growers, and vaporizer manufacturers experience what we may all call the golden age of cannabis. Cannabis is now widely used both for recreational and for medical purposes and I say why not?

Cannabis is better than booze, it won’t give your that hung over feeling and your liver won’t hate you for it. Cannabis as a medicine also gives the same benefits, no woozy feeling after taking your prescriptions and it won’t hit your liver as much as taking synthetic medicine does. In fact, taking cannabis as a form of recreational and medical substance does more good than harm to your body and overall wellbeing. Cannabis is now used to treat a variety of medical conditions and for non-medicating consumers, cannabis can either be a psychoactive substance or a booster. In most cases, people who consume high CBD cannabis claim to experience a certain improvement in focus. Allowing them to perk up their mornings without having to chug an ewer of coffee. No wonder why almost everyone – especially in cannabis legal states – started to switch to cannabis as a replacement for their casual and medical needs.

While the cannabis industry continues to grow and develop, the tools for cannabis consumption keeps pace by introducing new and better ways of introducing cannabis into your system. One vaporizer manufacturer, Dr. Dabber, recently unveiled what could arguably be the world’s first and only induction powered e-rig. The Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer is the product of Dr. D’s years of experience in the vaporizer business. Let’s see why everybody is switching.

Dr. Dabber’s Got What It Takes to Make You Switch

Now’s the perfect time to start your cannabis journey, not only do research and clinical trials prove and support the beneficial effects of using cannabis but today’s advancement in technology also means that vaporizers are better than ever. They’re smarter and more powerful than ever, packed with chock full of features that’ll make you say “shut up and take my money!”

One of the leading brands in the vaporizer industry is Dr. Dabber. A Las Vegas-based manufacturer that managed to take home several awards and recognition form some of the most prestigious cannabis institutions in such a short amount of time. Dr. D believes that they’ve got what it takes to revolutionize and change the way cannabis users consume their favorite herbs and cannabis concentrates and they sure did. In an industry where vaporizers feature convection and conduction technology, Dr. Dabber managed to break through barriers and transcend boundaries by introducing the world’s first induction vaporizer. Induction heating uses high-frequency currents to produce heat that targets a specific and a definite subject – in this case, the induction cups. In the construction industry, induction heating is used to bond, harden, and even soften durable materials like metals such as steel, copper, aluminum, or brass. It’s used for heavy-duty construction due to its efficiency and precision. It’s also a fast and repeatable, non-contact means of heating metals and other electrically-conductive materials.

Because of its unique heating capabilities, the Switch can easily vaporize any type of cannabis product, from the actual vegetable matter like buds, flowers, loose-leaf, to the concentrated cannabis by-products such as ear wax, budder, shatter, and the runnier oily concentrates. Compared to convection and conduction heating styles that take at the very least a minute as far as prep time is concerned, Switch’s induction heating immediately heats up dried herb strains and concentrates in just seconds.

The Latest Weed Tech

Apart from featuring the newest heating innovation, the Dr. Dabber Switch also boasts some of the latest technology in vaporizers. Equipped with LiFePO4 batteries, the Switch is now one of the safest vaporizers on the market. Even after prolonged use, you’re sure your batteries won’t explode, makes perfect sense for giving the Switch pass-through charging capabilities. Leave it plugged in and continue vaping like you’d normally do with your traditional desktop vaporizer. You don’t have to wait for it to charge, simply plug it if you’ve run out of power and wield the endless supply of electricity from your main. Switch’s battery is protected from over-voltage, over-current, under-voltage, over-temperature, short-circuit, and reverse-polarity, a full charge will also last you more than 150 draws.

The Switch also comes with water adapters which let you enjoy water filtered hits and moisture conditioned sessions helping the Switch eliminate any irritants from the vapor giving you milky and velvety rips that’s easy on both the mouth and the lungs. The Switch is also outfitted with 25 different temperature profiles allowing you enjoy your materials to the fullest, you get to enjoy every facet of your herbs and your concentrates since different temperature levels have different upshots. The Dr. Dabber Switch can take you from the mild, subtle, and flavorful effects of vaping your cannabis strains to the more potent and the knock-you-of-your-socks kind of high. With the Switch, you’ll have control over your sessions like never before. Not only does it let you personalize your sessions, it also lets you personalize the settings itself. You can customize the hold times depending on your preference.

The Dr. Dabber Switch was made to keep and preserve the purity of your herbs and your concentrates. By using 100% ceramic cups and borosilicate glass pieces, the Switch ensures that you get to enjoy unadulterated vapors in terms of taste and aroma. Ceramic and borosilicate glass are two inert components which do not react chemically to heat. Giving you the finest and the cleanest vapors that are perfect even for the medicating consumers all the more for the casual and recreational users.

The Switch like other Dr. Dabber Vapes are high-performance vaporizers that feature cutting-edge technology while keeping it simple though its straightforward operation. It won’t take you a day to get yourself used to using the Switch. Its simple and intuitive interface allows even those without prior vaping experience vape like a pro. That’s why seasoned veterans and even beginners decide to make that Switch.

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