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To date, I have only ever experienced smoking roll-ups. I’m a huge fan of smoking and not only enjoy it individually but socially too – at parties and such. Some of my friends/fellow smokers had started taking plastic bongs to parties and social gatherings. A few of us were dubious to try it, until we’d done a bit of research on plastic bongs. We’re so glad we did. We learnt so much and have now had some great smoking experiences using plastic water pipes! Here’s some of what we learnt!

Basically, a bongs purpose is too cool the smoke down, to in-turn, create a smoother, purer smoke. How it does this is pretty simple. The Bong has a long neck at the bottom of which is a water chamber. Connected to the water chamber is either and in built or detachable down pipe and then a bowl at the top of the pipe. The bowl is where you burn your chosen herb mix. When you burn the herbs the smoke flows through the down pipe into the water. The smoke bubbles throughout the water and is brought to a lower temperature. Then as you inhale from the top of the bong the smoothened smoke is drawn up the neck.

Once we’d discovered the point of using a bong we then looked more into plastic water pipes specifically. When it comes to convenience and smoking, we discovered that surely a plastic bong is the best answer! Plastic bongs are so practical. They are so easily transportable for starters! Say you’re going to a party or social event and want to take your bong. With a plastic bong there is literally no worry that it’ll break. Plastic is an extremely durable material, and so can withstand a few knocks and falls! Not only is that handy for the transportation of you water pipe but also handy for when you’re passing it around – you can’t always trust everyone’s grip!

About the Crazy Plastic Bongs For Sale Online

Plastic is a material that comes in many colours and can be easily shaped/moulded. This all bodes extremely well for bongs! Plastic Bongs come in so many different shapes, styles and types. You can get crazy shaped ones as well as more classically shapes ones, so there really is a type for every occasion.

These particular products often come with detachable bases; which again can be great for ease of transport but also stupidly convenient for cleaning. Its enables you to clean the inside of your water pipe with ease! A simple dampened cloth can easily be wiped in and around your plastic bong, keeping it clean and new looking!

Another advantage of owning a plastic bong is that it is completely timeless. Because plastic is so durable, these products can be a permanent addition to your collection of bongs! These water pipes are also a great first bong as they can be picked up very cheaply and certainly won’t break the bank. This was something that really appealed to me and my friends. We’d never used bong before and didn’t know (at the time) how good it was going to be – so we didn’t want to go crazy spending potentially hundreds of pounds for our first times.

Once we’d all decided on which ones to buy online we couldn’t wait to get them in the post -luckily the website we used (HerbTools) had next day delivery! When we tried our new plastic water pipes we couldn’t believe what a difference it made from smoking a standard roll up! The smoothness was incredible, it almost felt like a different kind of high. One of my friends used to always cough quite violently from smoking roll-ups, so for him using a pipe was amazing! Finally, he can enjoy his herb mix without the smoked usual harshness – another great benefit of using a bong!

Overall, I would recommend purchasing a plastic water pipe to any smoker. Once you try one, you’ll wish you’d bought one sooner. It’s an indescribable smoking experience that really must be had by all smokers out there! Trust me, you won’t look back or regret it! The Benefits are so plentiful; you’d struggle to find a reason not to use a water pipe. Another thing I personally thought was great about my plastic bong is that it’s so eye catching and attractive that it really looks nice in my home. It is by no means an eye sore. My Plastic bong has become part of my day to day smoking and again I’d strongly recommend them to anyone.

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