3 Ways to Give CBD Oil to Your Pet

By July 30, 2019Articles, CBD

As scientific research keeps revealing more beneficial properties naturally present in cannabidiol, it has become clear that sublingual administration is the most effective for CBD tinctures and extracts. While this is certainly not a problem for humans, placing a few drops of cannabidiol under your dog´s or cat´s tongue and holding them there until they are absorbed might not be a particularly easy task.

If you have purchased a high-quality CBD extract and want your four-legged friend to enjoy its benefits, you might have to get creative and think of new administration methods. The following three ideas might be helpful for you to give all the beneficial properties of cannabidiol to your pet without a problem.

1)    Make your Own CBD Treats

Doing some research on the internet, you might have realized that it is not hard at all to get CBD oil for your pet in the form of edibles, snacks and treats. However, these products are usually more expensive than pure cannabidiol tinctures and concentrates, so you might be thinking about manufacturing your own CBD-infused snacks.

While it depends on the characteristics of your pet’s favourite treat, it might be possible to simply add a few drops and therefore have a full control of the CBD dose you are giving to them every time. Dog biscuits, for instance, can be easily infused with cannabidiol using the dropper that comes with most cannabidiol tinctures.

One important aspect you must take into account before manufacturing your own CBD treats is the fact that the natural components of cannabidiol are damaged at high temperatures. Therefore, if you were planning to bake some CBD-infused cookies, it might be a good idea to verify the maximum temperature your cannabidiol tincture can stand before losing its effectiveness.

2)    Adding CBD to your Pet´s Food or Water Bowl

This idea might be tricky for dog owners who do not give their pets measured amounts of food every day. If you want to infuse your dog food with cannabidiol, it might be a good idea to add the desired amount of CBD tincture to a small portion and only add the rest of food after they have finished it.

In the case of water, cannabidiol cannot be mixed with it due to its oily nature. However, if you add a relatively small amount to a water bowl, your pet will not notice it and the job of giving them a regular dose of CBD is done without problems.

3)    Buy Pre-Made CBD Products for Pets

CBD for pets is now widely available both online and at physical dispensaries in areas where cannabidiol products are legal. While this alternative is certainly the priciest one, it might be a good option for busy pet owners or those who would rather have a safe and effective way to give their four-legged friends their daily dose of CBD every time.

Before purchasing any CBD product for your dog or cat, it is important to do some research and verify that the company you are buying from complies with all the quality standards that ensure the effectiveness of cannabidiol. Organic growing methods and clean extraction techniques are to be preferred, as many businesses use aggressive chemicals, solvents and high temperatures which damage the natural components of the hemp plant.

Finally, it is important to decide the right amount of CBD you would like to give to your pet. Most companies advertise their products showing the total amount of cannabidiol in a pack; if you are buying a 500mg jar with 10 cookies for pets, it will be easy for you to know that each cookie contains 50 milligrams of CBD.

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