Marijuana germination

germinating of marijuana plants

Marijuana germination

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  • chaKarma says:

    same pots as mine, in propogator from germination through to seedlin what temp is best ,i know i started 6 days too hot at roughly 80 but kept moist ,checked and found out roughly 21 c/ 68/75 f ive now had at low temp mostly 22/3 c,all seeds have cracked germinated from 4mil to crack and white just out 1 mil,they are under sol/1/2 mil as shell not off yet if kept at 21 c ,will patience tell,6 days of 80.c graduley 3 rd day new the reaction not working so started adjusting temp ive had condensation ,was firsty high kept moist now on 7th day,WHAT chances of germination to seedling/do wen i raise temp slightly also,cheers

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