Tips for Improving the Marijuana Bud Quality with Ease

By October 25, 2018Marijuana Buds
Marijuana Bud Quality

It is always good when you end up with the best bud quality if you want to enjoy using marijuana. It is common that the bud quality would vary from one grower to another. When consumers know that you have the best bud quality, then you will be happy to have a better business. So, what does it take to improve the marijuana bud quality? Below, we get to check out a few considerations that might influence bud quality.

Get the right strain genetics

First things first. You want to ensure that you get yourself the right genes in the first place. This means that you get the best seeds for your marijuana strain. It is always easy to end up with the best marijuana quality when the seeds are also good. This means doing a bit of research on the seeds. Check out the various seed banks online and your area. You will be able to end up with the best in terms of seeds when you have done a proper research.

Since you will have the best seeds, you can now grow them with confidence knowing they will give you the best buds.

Light is crucial

Just having good seeds does not mean that is all that you need. In such a case, you still need to have the best lighting system also. We all know that plants depend on light for the best growth. Well, having the right light amount, you will end up with better yields, potency and resilience. Well, this is something that should drive more people to think of setting up a proper lighting system.

The light also has to be within a certain intensity for the different stages. Make sure you provide the right amount of light so that you can also have the right bud development.

Use relevant nutrients and supplements

Another thing you have to keep in mind should be the nutrients and supplements. These two play an important role of making sure that you never have to worry about the bud quality later on. During the flowering stage, you need to give the plant low nitrogen, plenty of phosphorus, and potassium. The plant needs low nitrogen as it has stopped growing at this stage. The plant simply needs more potassium to help with the production of more flowers which means more buds in the end.

Improve the taste and smell

Well, it will be great if the bud smells and tastes good. So, how does this happen? This includes increasing the terpene content in cannabis. One way is to use the specialized nutrients and supplements. This helps with specifically increasing the overall taste and good smell. Another thing you can do is to use a strong light with a bit of extra UV. This ensures you have the best smelling marijuana on the market.

It is also going to be great when you can grow the marijuana in living soil or super soil. In the end, you have the best marijuana buds that people want to have a piece.

Deal with temperature and humidity

Maintaining the right temperature and humidity is always important. It means that you end up with the best environment to help with ensuring there is the best bud quality in the end. Having too cool temperatures can often lead to cases of bud rot. Sometimes the freezing temperatures would even kill the plant.

As for the humidity, you need to also keep it within the recommended range. An example is that when the marijuana is in the vegetative stage, keep the humidity below 25%. As for the flowing stage, having lesser humidity is always perfect.

Improve air flow

Of course having the best airflow contributes to having the best in terms of bud quality. The air flow is important in any grow room. It is the reason you will find more people always looking to get themselves a proper mechanism to promote airflow. You can use an oscillating fan or invest money in a proper air flow system. As much as it can expensive sometimes to set up the air flow system, we always find that it ends up helping a lot. Just like that, you are one step closer to having the best air flow.

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