Two of the best Cannabis seeds for outdoor crops

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Many outdoor growers spend an entire year growing cannabis from just one or two high-yielding outdoor plants. When the best-feminized seeds are grown outdoors in good weather, it is not uncommon to see the plants produce 1-2 kg (or more) of dried buds.

What steps do you have to take to start growing cannabis successfully? Well, you should start with the best-feminized cannabis seeds for outdoor use. Initially, you should find an optimized growing site with good direct sunlight, moist and nutritious soil.

With a good plan and preparation, you have a good chance that you can also have excellent yields in the crops that you plant outdoors.

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The cannabis seeds indicated for outdoor crops obtain high yields, being strong enough against the chilly weather of an outdoor crop. Usually, some feminized seeds are suitable to face this challenge, as they are adequate enough to withstand these outdoor conditions.

Cannabis seed varieties to highlight for outdoor areas

Good quality outdoor varieties are resistant to diseases like mold and bud rot. They are likely to grow well, despite the presence of possible adverse growing conditions. These characteristics are required for these varieties in order to achieve the successes and objectives of the cultivation plan.

Being strong and resistant, to withstand the demanding conditions of outdoor planting. Next, we recommend two of the main varieties of cannabis seeds for outdoor use. We know that there is an almost infinite amount of varieties, but this selection we recommend is very representative for those who want to grow their own crops.

Silver Haze

If you live in Spain or in other countries with similar climates and you want to grow a sativa plant of great potency and production, the must-see selection should be Silver Haze, it is an excellent option. It is harvested in late October or early November, but it is very resistant to both cold and heat. It is a large plant, vigorous and easy to grow.

Perfect for the most demanding palates, as it combines an intense and complex citrus flavor with notes of pine, incense, spices and of course haze.

Northern lights

This strain is a favorite among marijuana plant growers. This type of seed, Northern Lights, was first grown in the United States in the West Coast region.

What we know for sure, is that today it is clearly assembled in Europe, establishing itself mainly in the Netherlands, to be developed by international companies specialized on the subject, such as Sensi Seeds. Since its inception, this strain has won more awards than any of the other cannabis strains created.

This Northern Light is a strong plant, resistant to damp fungi since it can withstand fungal attacks or bud rot very well. Also, this variety is one of those mainly used by medical cannabis groups, helping to minimize inflammation, depression, pain, some post-trauma disorders, etc.

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